Deus Ex Machina

Amsterdam, The Wat of Why

Gevestigd in een grachtenpand uit 1643 en gelegen aan Amsterdams’ mooiste gracht, de Herengracht, vind je Deus Ex Machina’s Amsterdamse vlaggenschip ‘The Wat of Why’


Located in a canal house from 1643 and located on Amsterdam’s most beautiful canal, the Herengracht, you will find Deus Ex Machina’s Amsterdam flagship “The Wat of Why”

Deus Ex Machina (God of the Machine) tore into Australia’s cultural conscience in 2006, with a few brilliantly customized engines and a subtle message that actually doing something is much more fun than just owning it. The brand’s philosophy reverts to an era of all different experiences of pleasure: motorcycling, surfing, cycling and skateboarding.

Deus Ex Machina brings everything that is fun back to the core.

All this comes together in the Deus feeling; simply respect for the authenticity and experience of the machine.

With more than 8 Deus Tempels worldwide (including Sydney, LA, Bali, Milan & Tokyo, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Cape Town), Deus Ex Machina has grown into a worldwide concept. Deus Ex Machina is more than a brand. Thanks to the large surf and moto community, Deus has now conquered the whole world. Deus Ex Machina is a culture that brings together and celebrates all forms of fun and creativity.

The Wat of Why is not just a restaurant and a shop, but a place where inspiration is embedded in all products and activities.

Deus Ex Machina Amsterdam is a breeding ground for creativity and self-expression and that is reflected in the eclectic spaces of The Wat of Why. Our goal is to create a place where you can socialize, inspire and nurture all your senses.


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